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Casting the Circle
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The circle in Wicca is cast to limit the casting of the spell, so that you are not harmed during the casting. It is vital the the circle is cast every time you intend to cast a spell, and that it is cast correctly.
There are many ways to cast the circle, but my favourite way is shown below.

The circle can be made out of anything; rope, objects (rocks, candles, etc.), drawn in chalk, as long as its a circle.
Step inside the circle before it is closed, and sprinkle salt around the edge, saying,
With this salt I purify my circle.
Place a crystal or chalice of salt at the North of your circle to represent Earth, incense for Air at the East of your circle, a candle for Fire at the South of your circle, and at the West of your circle a chalice of water to represent Water.
Ensure any tools needed for the work you are performing is within the circle before you close it.

To close the circle after a casting, walk once widdershins around the edge of the circle, extinguishing the candle and incense as you pass them.

"blessed be"